After decades of working at one of the largest consultancies in Germany we are convinced today that a small company can offer its clients increased added value through greater flexibility and individuality combined with less “overheads” and “off-limits”. Therefore, we have founded the personnel consultancy, Below Tippmann & Compagnie Personalberatung GmbH.

The search and selection of specialists and executives is a service which involves people and characters. It is not “tools” or “instruments” which are the decisive factors in the sustainable and successful recruitment but people and their actions, networks and social skills. Experience and trust are the foundation for successful human resource activities. The basis is a technically sound and systematic process.

With a total of 70 years of experience in personnel consultancy we have known the industry since its very beginnings in Germany. During this time we have interviewed many thousands of candidates, successfully filled more than a thousand positions and have worked in various types of industries and company sizes and forms. This enables us to be able to benchmark each company with the best in its industry. This also the reason why we are aware how different companies work and what people and characters are most suitable for them. Each vacant position is an opportunity for greater improvement. We are partners for staff recruitment issues at all levels of management and organisations.

The accompaniment of people in their careers, particularly in difficult stages of seeking new positions, is a further focal point of our work. Here we are able to make use of the New Placement and Coaching consultancy concepts which we have been practising for many years.