Business coaching is for us practical and tailor-made involvement with executives and specialists in their reflection and improvement of both their management performance and leadership and social behaviour.

Our coaches have been providing support for businesses in Germany for decades, focusing on personnel matters, and work themselves in executive positions.

We offer:

// Coaching as an additional module after successful recruitment. During the controlled onboarding process the new executive is actively accompanied through his/her integration and given support for the settling-in process in the new company. Generally speaking, the more the new position differs from the old one (for example in the hierarchy level, corporate culture, industry/product, country), the more critical is the support work.

// Coaching in various career situations and problem areas for executives and specialists. This may also take the form of personality-related coaching sessions. Here, topics such as the development of leadership skills, the optimisation of management style and techniques, improvements in performance or support in a new role are all dominating factors.

// Increasingly we are also in demand as sounding boards for exchanges in the challenging situations which face executives or for managers in higher hierarchy levels who are in an environment lacking in feedback.

The extent of the coaching is variable and is determined by the individual, specific demands – ranging from spot-coaching as a one-off form of support for a specific problem up to a comprehensive programme.

Don’t simply feel better but be it too!