Severance processes between companies and their employees are today part of daily management and personnel work. Within this, it is crucial that the interests of both sides are equally taken into account.

The company would like to have a quick solution within the terms of its management principles and at the same time not damage its working atmosphere and image. A fair severance culture as a basis for personnel work pays off. We also provide advice in this area for companies on major downsizing measures.

Executives would like fair treatment, sufficient protection and future prospects.

We have been involved in severance processes for decades and advising executives on their future occupational re-positioning. The term newplacement was coined by us to consciously distance it from outplacement. We place emphasis on the future and a new start. The decisive consultancy steps are:

// Learning from the career to date and drawing the right conclusions

// Drawing up an objective and honest position determination

// Determining the future career realistically and in line with market conditions

// Achieving the re-positioning energetically and professionally

As consultants experienced in the market we support executives at all stages of the reorganising process. The key to our success lies in our particular concentration on the implementation stage. We know what is going on in the market, where movement and demand are to be found and how contacts can be established. Our large network generates connections. Our research work ensures that we obtain a professional standard of information. Methodology and experience blend together perfectly in this area.