The recruitment of specialists and executives with the assistance of external consultancies is an established and recognised procedure. With more than 5500 providers of this service in Germany alone the market is, however, both extremely opaque and at the same time uniform. We will pass over the familiar description of the methodology and present ourselves with the aid of seven principles which we believe, based on our conviction and experience, are decisive for the successful and sustainable work of a consultant.

  1. The quality of the consultant as a person and as a bearer of knowledge is a decisive factor in the design of the various and complex social processes in recruitment.
  2. A comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the company and the actual demand situation is a pre-condition for the drawing up of an accurate profile and a successful search strategy.
  3. The identification and professional establishment of contact to potential candidates via valid personal networks and systematic market research is the consultant’s “handicraft”. This also includes for us media-based methods, depending on the selected search strategy. The approach of the identified candidates is always made by the consultant.
  4. A high level of evaluation skills, particularly in relation to the personal, social and character qualities and skills of candidates, determine long-term placement success.
  5. The gaining of additional information through reliable and truthful references from former superiors, colleagues or market insiders provide an additional safeguard for the assessment.
  6. Close personal involvement in the entire recruitment process by the consultant, including the subsequent integration of the executive within the company, is essential for success.
  7. Speed is relative and is not the sole criterion for success; additional requirements are care and process reliability – we underline this with a guarantee of up to 12 months on the placement.

The four Managing Directors have to over 70 years of consulting experience and possess the confident routine necessary for the precise location, assessment and long-term commitment to their clients of specialists and executives in the manner described above.